Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nuem vs Vaettir 250pts

My opponent for this evening was Will with his thought out and specifically bought 250pts of Vaettir facing off against my 250pts list of Nuem models from Gav's Indiegogo project, the scenario was the first one out of the campaign pack - Take Control! the objective being to claim table quarters.

Using the alternating deployment system, I spread my forces out along the forward line of my deployment zone, Will clumped his into the forward right of his behind a terrain piece.

Turn 1 - Will won initiative and moved his units forward towards the centre of the board, casting forced movement and world walker on the Vstonin to move them into a threatening position. I redeployed a unit of Paenitentium in an effort to claim Will's left flank and pushed everything else towards Will's forces, I'm not going to mention the redeployed Paenitentium any more as they claimed their area but didn't take any further part in the battle.

Turn 2 - I won initiative and moved the Tormenta into range to blast the Vstonin killing one outright, only to realise immediately afterwards that Tormenta don't have Command so couldn't move and fire! I reset and activated the Pueri instead to get the Tormenta into Command. Will took advantage and cast Rapid Growth in front of the Tormenta with a +2 drain creating a piece of terrain I couldn't see through  The Vstonin shuffled around in the terrain piece, the rest of Will's army came forward and my forces stumbled around in an effort to realign the battle-line.

Turn 3 - Will won initiative and cast Oppressive Darkness on the Tormenta shutting it down. The Concursus redeployed to use their Black Vortex Suppress on the Huntawalu but were obliterated by Cylod shooting. The Auxilium Sagitarrius took a pot-shot at the Huntawalu but even with a gang-up attack failed to do anything. The Vstonin were Forced Action'd into charge range of my second unit of Paenitentium and the Dolor Dedicatus so I obliged, but despite causing 4 hits only managed to cause 1 point of damage (bloody Hardened ) the Vstonin managed to take out a Paentientium and cause one damage to the Dedicatus in response (I failed my Hardened roll) and therefore knocking them to the ground.

Turn 4 - Will's spell casting was shocking this round as he failed to cast Rapid Regrowth or Oppressive Darkness and so the Tormenta was given free rein to blast it, Defence 2 means naff all against the Tormenta's shot and the Huntawalu took a point of Damage. The Cylod used their Freezing Breath to drop the defence of the Dedicatus and Paenitentium who in turn did sod all to the Vstonin (The Paenitentium couldn't even manage to roll a 2 to lose their Knocked Down counter). The Vstonin on the other hand were Forced Actioned into a bonus round of combat and caused some serious damage (Once again I failed my Hardened Rolls) both the Paententium and the Dedicatus were shaken and reached decimated status. I moved the Pueri up to support granting them obscured status and casting Exhaustion so when the Vstonin activated for their attacks it wasn't so destructive.

Turn 5 - Another bad round for Will as the Huntawalu failed to charge the Pueri then failed to cast any spells, needless to say the Tormenta giggled as it blasted it out of existence. Both the Paententium and Dedicatus became enraged when they activated, the Paententium did sod all as it died but the Dedicatus seemed to gain a new lease of life causing two hits. Will failed to save one and a Vstonin was finally killed off, still exhausted the remaining Vstonin was unable to move into combat, reprieve! Instead the spawned Elvspon charged into the Dedicatus and surprisingly caused a hit but the Dedicatus managed to save that one. The Sagittarius fired upon the Varbres causing damage and they fled, it wasn't far-enough though and the lone Varbre was still in Command of the Evocotaur so charged into the Obscured Tormenta. I laughed until Will rolled a double 6 on 2D6, Tormenta down to one damage.

Turn 6 - Naff all happened. The Pueri cast Exhausted onto the Vstonin before legging it into my right-hand table quarter, the Elvspon failed to hit the Dedicatus, the Sagittarius tried to off the Evocotaur but only caused one damage, the Cylod tried to blat the Sagittarius in response but rolled nothing. The Dedicatus killed two Elvspon and the Vstonin looked on sadly.

Game End - Will controlled one quarter, I controlled three. Win to the Nuem!

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