Monday, 7 January 2013

And we're off...

2013 painting has commenced!

Started work on the Jotunn/Thunderfire Cannon. Haven't got as far as I'd have liked due to having to rebuild the airbrush. Below are some in progress pics anyway.

Also been spending money on replacement parts to turn my Forgeworld Black Templar Venerable Dreadnought into an Ironclad.  Though I initially thought to Cheaphammer the parts, I've ended up spending £15 on an arm and a missile pod.

The £15 was including p&p though and they are a very pretty arm and missile pod. i.e. a Forgeworld Mark IV Dreadfire Claw and a Kromlech Zephyr Missile Launcher.  I went with the Kromlech because the Ironclad is taking to the field carrying two Hunter Killer Missiles and those top two do the job nicely.  The other thing is the Zephyr has the little stand so I might get away with minimal modification to make it fit.

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