Friday, 8 February 2013

Jumping on the bandwagon...

... so if you haven't heard by now, GW Legal have started on a new target group for their bullying.

Adeptus Astartes I can understand but "Space Marine"?  They're taking the piss and if I had the money I'd be making the application to remove GW's trademark of that term, a mere £200 gets the ball rolling but hey. Sent an email in support anyway:

Dear Games Workshop,
To say I was upset when I read about the action your legal team has taken against MCA Hogarth in relation to her Spots the Space Marine title would be a massive understatement. Once again your legal team has managed to embarrass you with a poorly considered action with little or no merit.
For ten years I have run a Tactical Wargames Club at my school, we were one of the first to support and actively promote the schools league at its inception, but decisions by your company's legal team in recent years have had me questioning my ethical stance and now it has come to a head.
I cannot, in all good faith, continue to support a company that actively participates in bullying. I cannot support a company that silences creative writing. I cannot support a company that will destroy the fundamental literary works that its own creative works were based on if it continues on this path.
GW owns the IP of specific group of genetically engineered Space Marines not the term "Space Marine". Until someone at your company reins in the errant legal team I will not be supporting your company and will actively work with other companies that actually care about their IP enough protect it passively.
As a result, until further notice all GW products will be removed from our gaming club, we will NOT be participating in the Schools League and I will be actively encouraging my club members to boycott the new Rotherham store.
For many years you were a big company in a little pond, but the pond is getting larger and it is obvious and saddening to everyone that has supported your company over the decades that it is on the decline. You don't need, and really can't afford, to continue this absurd secular mentality for too much longer.
Please change, before it is too late.
Yours hopefully,
Richard Thompson (Learning Support)
Clifton Tactical Wargaming Co-ordinator

In other news, Gav's losing backers on the Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter project. Although some people have apologised, it looks like he's been stung by some of the fake pledge muppets who appear to populate Kickstarter.  If you fancy some cool looking mini's, even just to paint up, click the link to take a look:  Relics reinforcements! There's some damn fine artwork being produced at the moment, that alone is worth a look.

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  1. I'm really starting to detest GW! Ruining the games and then things like this.