Friday, 1 February 2013

Tourney on Sunday, still need to paint...

...the second Dreadnought.  Yup everything else is ready, not amazing but presentable as I'm finding it very difficult to be inspired to paint my 40k stuff.

Hopefully painting next month's targets of the Terminators and the Contemptor Dread for other people will fire my imagination but at the moment I'm doubtful...  6th Ed is a beautiful concept of a game, but it seems to be suffering from too many cooks syndrome.  Beasts of War have posted a video about Cheese-mongering the Allies rules and I'm actually happy with all their interpretations as it brings even more narrative into the game. Here's the video if you're interested:

Got to admit I know the main reason that he's right... because he's Batman!

So, with my lack of enthusiasm for 40K, how did my list hold up in yesterdays test game?  Pretty damn well!  I won due to lots of heavy flamers and a scouts with Camo cloaks in a fortified ruin!

My favourite part of the evening had to be when dear old Jimbo claimed he had inspired my list, yeah cause he was there when I came up with the idea of a dreadnought army at GW's Meadowhall Battlebunker nearly a decade ago...

So to Sunday and York... bring on the mid-table mediocrity!

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