Friday, 8 March 2013

Fraught night

Apologies for the lack of posts as nothing has happened on the painting front - real-life is really starting to impede my hobbying.


The shoe was on the other foot as Will, Mick and Jim had a reversal in fortunes and tore the Overlord a new one in 2nd Ed. Descent.

I got to play Will at Relics last Thursday for the first time in months, Tormenta's for the win!

X-Wing finally arrived and I got to demo it at the school club, much to the enjoyment of the teenage boys.  Showed it to Isabelle on Wednesday and apparently five years old is a little young to grasp the concept of turn based combat.

Speaking of Wednesday, the RPG group were forced to relocate to my garage this week as our host is honeymooning in Mexico.  We were introduced to Warmahordes RPG and were disappointed by the demo game.  The mechanics are very combat driven, which wasn't too bad but the intro game is bloody linear and my character had an ability that took out the big bad in one blow which shortened the session.

So that's the highlights of my fortnight, I'll save you from the lows. ;)

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