Monday, 13 May 2013

Blue-arsed fly syndrome!

This must be real, it has to be, otherwise I have no other explanation to why I never seem to have time to blog!

Anyway, hello once more.  It has been 29 days since my last confession, there is a it to talk about so I'll be bunging  up some separate posts pertaining to:

Relics:  Painting, Playtesting and preparing for Triples

Bloodbowl:  On the board, on the PC and Bloodbowl Manager

WFB:  The farce against Jim

Star Wars: X-wing

Clubs:  SR Wargamers vs SYDD

On top of the hobby stuff, we've moved warehouses at my second job, are planning birthday parties for our daughters 6th and 2nd birthdays respectively and I've started the Insanity fitness program in an effort to shed some of my 21st 6lb bulk...

Actually, I'm going to end this post on a non-gaming front and talk about Insanity.

First off, it isn't for the weak-minded but it can be for the unfit if you're able to suitably modify it.  For example, I suck at press-ups due to my weight, ten is about my limit and some of the exercises in Insanity focus on Suicides - i.e. down into a plank position, 4 press ups, knees to chest, jump up, back down into the plank, rinse and repeat.  To compensate, I do the press ups with my knees on the floor.

Its not easy, but concentrating on form over reps and taking appropriate breaks is the key.

Am I sticking to it religiously?  No.  I'm 21st and that takes a lot out of you when you're doing Cardio, but I am doing my best and exercising pretty much daily so the road from zero to hero has begun, and yes I am 21st.  In two weeks I've lost 6lb and gained some aching joints, but I've also gained a sense of achievement and had a few completely depression free days!

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