Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day one - Triples demo

Well day one is over, four demo's and several conversations.

A pretty good success me thinks. (Well, one demo was with Dan Haslam who kept me busy and people looking on for an hour. Thanks Dan)

I went with Britanan vs Orcnar and just used the models from the starter set, but laid out the other models that I had so people could see the range.  On top of Gav's demo stuff, I brought the clockwork oranges (Nuem) and my unfinished Vaettir.

Plenty of people were taking photos so I hope to be able to provide links soon. (I brought my camera but spent my down time painting). Speaking of cameras, I tried (and failed) to help out one chap with a Samsung Galaxy Y as his phone wouldn't autofocus. Attached are two pics taken from my Galaxy Ace in the same position. Bloody daft that it doesn't work if they're supposed to be running the same software.

If you're down tomorrow, come and see me and maybe try a game. (Kelly wouldn't be drawn, something about Malefaux... but I'll collar him at SYDD, inspire JP and that'll be another system bring played...)

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