Monday, 20 May 2013

Demo'ing at Triples part two.

So yesterday (Sunday) passed in a similar vein to Saturday, I ran four more demo's, chatted to several  more people and painted some models.  I also nearly got away with not spending anything, but figures in comfort were there so I bought some more pluck trays and after spending the weekend looking at it, I finally caved and bought the Bloodbowl Manager card game.

On the demo's front the chaps from Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (COGS) provided a little hilarity as  finally met someone with dice rolling that was on par with my own, if fact it could actually be worse.  On the charge with two Docga he managed one hit... not bad until you consider he was rolling two sets of five dice, allowed a re-roll of a single dice and still failed to get more than one double!  In contrast, his opponent was scoring hits on single dice rolls (2D6 ignoring double 1's and2's) and as a result the Troopers killed the Docga's in melee!

Well that's about it, here are the pics I managed to rescue, the rest are unfortunately corrupt so if anyone can point me in the direction of other people's photos that would be greatly appreciated.

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