Sunday, 26 May 2013

Diary of a depressionist

Warning! Non gaming related post!

So I had another manic episode this week, here are the reasons:

It's half term, but I have to come back from a family holiday to do my second job. That's not an issue, my boss is good and as long as I'm in before 10:30 and all the orders are complete I'm pretty much free to set my own hours. So, I thought I'd keep the holiday mood going, catch the bus and enjoy a few pints.

Fly in the ointment 1:  Rpg week - forgot but no biggy, I'd just need to moderate my enebriation.

Fly 2: Ran out of time on Thursday to drop Gav's demo stuff off.

Then came Friday and these events somehow conspired to plunge me into a despair deep enough to have me curled in a ball on the bedroom floor.

First up, alarm company rang to say they needed to do some maintenance work so could I be at warehouse for 9am?

Second, Gav forgot I was coming and left early to sort something out, so I had a wasted trip into Sheffield. Couldn't get hold of Gav because he'd left his phone at home.

Thirdly, after spending the day in text conversation with Mark regarding what I should do to lose weight whilst I'm unable to exercise (knee's playing up again) upshot being diet fatty. My sister turns up and wants to order curry for tea, I say no and cook myself a vegetable omelette.

Lastly, my youngest decided to start the terrible two's a couple of weeks early and flew into a rage when I tried to take her to bed, screaming "Don't want Daddy! Go away! Mummy sit there"

Pretty fucking ridiculous isn't it? A bit extreme for not getting to do what I wanted to do.

Actually it's not, insignificant stuff like this is what fuck's up most depressives.

All our energy goes into the big stuff, so the trivial sort of trips us up.  Additionally, the best way to get off the meds is to create structures in your life, this however is a two edged sword as events that disrupt plans are difficult to cope with.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. I woke up Saturday morning feeling fine and managed to get my list of jobs completed before my daughter's birthday party started , . 

Hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend, we humbly apologise for not having as many parties as we used to and that this has had a negative effect on the overall weather. (Fact - in 13 years of hosting parties we have only once had to head inside to avoid a shower and the vast majority have had glorious sunshine)

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