Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I needed something to run relics on...

...so I blew most of my school club budget and got this from gifts for geeks


  1. Its a bag!!! I knew GW try and get you to spend the national debt of a small country from next to nothing, but blowing the budget on a bag !!! hehe.

  2. GW Battleboard, currently £140 on Gifts for Geeks.

    Didn't have space to spread it all out and its just grey plastic at the moment anyway.

    It's entirely Gav's fault, I came away from the weekend demo's with board envy. Still at least it wasn't £100 per 2ft sq...

  3. Ah, the plastic battlefield thingy?

    Apparently if you mow the lawn, underneath is nothing but skulls. This is why I don't spend more time in the garden.

    I would guess that you'll need a couple of coats of varnish once it's painted.

  4. So is this going to you school club, or is it a misappropriation of public funds issue?



  5. It's for the club! I have not idea why you would insinuate otherwise given that its this close to the summer holidays... ;)

    Most of the games played are quick skirmish so 2ft boards are perfect. As for the underground skulls, they're going!

    Plans are:

    - Dremel/greenstuff the pit o' skulls
    - Modify one hill to have a stream running down it
    - Paint/flock as required.