Monday, 17 June 2013

Think I ought to change the name to...

... Irregular Blogging or something similar.  I can only offer humble apologies gentle reader.

Anyway,  here's some pics:

First up, here are the Angilde from Tor Gaming's Orcnar range that I painted at Triples:

Remember that big black bag?  Well I cracked out the GW basing kit and applied it to the grey plastic, followed that with a liberal coating of Motorworld clear lacquer, finally I added a black wash.

The basing kit is actually amazing, I've only used about half of it over the six two foot squares so there's plenty left for other projects.

In the end I decided against breaking out the Dremel (two year old in the vicinity) and just poured additional brown paint into the pits. Unfortunately shrinkage of the brown undercoat is massive and by Sunday morning the skulls where visible again and still quite prominent in places so I decided to paint them black and go for a Tar pit effect, I think it works but you can be the judge.

Just the fine detail work left and its ready for a second lacquer coat tonight.

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  1. Did you know that trying to remove the skulls from GW products constitutes an infringement of their intellectual property? Expect a cease and desist order forthwith.

    The board looks ace. Shall have to find an excuse to come and use it.

    Also like the googly eyes on the Orcnar.