Thursday, 11 July 2013

New phone, still forgetting to take pictures...

Well the usual wind down towards summer hasn't happened at school this year, the year 6's have started early so the new school year started a fortnight ago instead of in September, as a result I've been quite busy and not had much time for hobbying.

Anyway, onto the match report...

Martyn came round to the garage to play the second half of the match we started a month ago. The first half had ended with my skink running the ball in for an eleventh hour touchdown on turn 8, five of Martyn's players K.O'd and one of my skink's injured after what could only have been described as a poor show. (I believe I may have alluded to this in an earlier post)

The second half started with Ichibo Lox receiving and Martyn's woes increased as he was only able to revive two of his five dazed bimbos.

Things looked up for him immediately tough as cheering fans netted him an extra re roll as I gazed forlornly at my solitary marker. 

Turns 1- 3 all ended with failed Dodge rolls and at least one player stunned on either side. Then things got a bit interesting...

Martyn made a dodge to successfully blitz the skink with the ball, the ball scatters to a skink who falls the catch then scatters onto a Saurus... I roll a six. Well bugger me!

With a Skink either side, the Saurus was pretty much safe but Martyn did his best to reduce my options. 

There was only one really, declare a blitz action with the ball carrier and hope to put a blitzer on her back so I was free of tackle zones. Tentatively, I picked up the dice, then put them down again and moved some models into support, eliciting a cry of illegal procedures from Martyn.  Yes, I had indeed forgot to move my turn marker and gave yet another re- roll to my opponent although he was needing them quite regularly at this stage.
The dice rolled and push back Knockdown appeared, number 7 was off like a giant pink Hare and Martyn's chances of scoring slipped away. 

A few more inconsequential fights finished the game off but really it had been over at that moment. 

Final score 2-0 with 0-1 casualties.

MvP went to the  Kroxigor so hopefully he'll do his job and cripple a player next game and skill up.

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