Sunday, 1 December 2013


The SYDD Mordheim campaign is kicking off in January, but instead of writing it like I should be I decided to resurrect on old project... the Modular terrain board.

Long term readers may be able to cast their minds back to when this project started, but for new readers (and those with failing faculties) here's the link.

So after months of languishing on the rack, the boards are actually approaching something like playable and its all down to the relocation of the man cave as I can leave things out!

Here's some pics of what I've been up to:


  1. I like where this is heading. Properly narrow alleyways, overhanging buildings, etc.

    Are you still looking at cobbled streets? And did you ever solve the lentil issue?

  2. Looks very promising! Like the overhanging buildings, presumably you'll be able to remove upper floors to move models around?

  3. Yup, the entire thing is modular upper floors will go onto other buildings, whole buildings can be taken out entirely to leave a burnt out cellar (which is what the recesses will be, and no I never did solve the lentil issue. Don't know if you saw on Facebook but I've done another 39" sq and it only took me 3.5 hours...

  4. Stupidly I just did a rough calculation and:

    1185.5" sq remains / 39 * 3.5 = 106+ hours.

    Suppose if I aim for 3.5 hours every night I could have it done by new year. Lol

  5. Take a mould of the bit you've done, and create a layer of cobblestones in plaster of paris? Would that work? Would be a bit fiddly I suppose.