Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Relics reinforcements!

Tor Gaming are back with a new crowd funder so we can finally get those lovely miniatures that were tantalisingly just out of grasp on the last Kickstarter!

This one's a little different though, Tor aren't just running another Indiegogo or Kickstarter oh no, they've spent the downtime since the last project setting up a whole new crowdfunding platform of their own is set to launch at the end of the week (with Relics Reinforcements 2 for obvious reasons) but the idea behind it is something I really like... Games by gamers for gamers, they even want to build FLGS support into the pledge mechanics.

Anyway, back to Relics Reinforcements 2. There's a competition to win back 50% of your pledge if you're interested in backing the project, details are here:

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