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Who is school for?

 Let's forget the automatic responses and actually consider the question logically. We have three invested interests involved in a child's education; the school, the parents and the child.  For ease, the label of "parent" here encompasses all primary caregivers and when discussing "school" it is as an entity not it's component parts so appropriate phrases would be: it is school policy to, the decisions we are making are, the school feels, we feel...   You as an individual be may be opposed to actions taken by the school but the expectation will always be to back the decisions of your management.   With the idea that the School entity is the stakeholder not you, answer this quick question:  Which of these Venn diagrams best illustrates the power dynamic within the school, parent and child relationship? Which did you choose?  If it was either of the first two options you might as well stop reading now.  To be clear, any relationship dynamic where the schoo
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Musings of an educational nature.

Greetings fellow nerds! Our passions may now have achieved mainstream acceptance, but I refuse to give up a label that so signifies my 80's and 90's trauma. Anyway, the box is reopening but unfortunately for a completely different reason, so feel free to unsubscribe should this pop up on your feed but you are welcome to stay if you find something of interest. As you are no doubt already aware, I finally achieved my degree! I am the proud recipient of a piece of paper authorised by the University of Hull that claims I obtained an upper second class honours degree in Education and Professional Development. Not that I will but I can now add BA(Hons) to my name! I also came to the self-diagnosed opinion that my general weirdness can be attributed to being on the autistic spectrum, who would have thought giving a neurodivergent with well-established masking techniques access to unfettered academic research would produce genuine mental improvements... unsurprisingly I'm fully off

Why crumbling foundation?

I'm not a builder and as far as I'm aware the house is fine, so why crumbling foundations?   Well, too often of late I've found myself mired in the muds of procrastination and have totally failed to achieve a single personal goal in any given week.  That's not to say I've achieved nothing, work and family-wise I'm doing okay but personally, not so well. To this end I'm going to try and post something at least once a week, be it pictures of my latest miniatures project, a short story or even a film/book review.  Let's see how long it lasts. ;-)