Sunday, 1 June 2014


I never seem to have time to post this year, but I know you miss my sporadic outpourings when they do occur.

Anyways, I'm back from a weeks holiday in Spain and as my gift to you all I brought some sunshine back with me, hope you enjoyed it this morning. 

Due to baggage constraints I couldn't bring as much as I would have liked so I'm going to have to ration it out until the main package arrives, unfortunately that means reliance on the Spanish Postal Service so it could be up to four weeks before I can dish out the sun willy-nilly.  (Just hope they don't realise what's in the box otherwise there could be an international incident)

Hobby-wise, well somewhat related anyway, I've made this:

Last year I promised my best friend I'd make a cake topper for his sister's wedding, four weeks ago he mentioned that his sister was getting married at the end of the month (31st May) and I went pale.  Sheepishly I asked if he still needed it and he told me his sister had decided on another cake topper.  Pride kicked in then and I said " I promised I would make one and make one I shall"

Several evenings of work later and deadline nerve-wrecking close to just before we flew, I opted instead to work into the early hours of an evening and brave Sheffield's rush hour traffic to deliver it.

In the end my friend gift boxed it and gave it as a present and the bride and groom like it so that's all that matters.

With regards to the video, the music is more upbeat than previous ones (the girls have been dancing to Chocolate (Choco Choco) all week and its stuck in my head) and I've decided future soundtracks will share a "type of biscuit" theme so suggestions in the comments section are more than welcome. 

Finally, Relics Reinforcements 2 is approaching the end of its campaign so if you want to help the project out please follow the link.  The awesome Nuem Ruina has been unlocked so one of my Christmas presents is sorted! 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Relics reinforcements!

Tor Gaming are back with a new crowd funder so we can finally get those lovely miniatures that were tantalisingly just out of grasp on the last Kickstarter!

This one's a little different though, Tor aren't just running another Indiegogo or Kickstarter oh no, they've spent the downtime since the last project setting up a whole new crowdfunding platform of their own is set to launch at the end of the week (with Relics Reinforcements 2 for obvious reasons) but the idea behind it is something I really like... Games by gamers for gamers, they even want to build FLGS support into the pledge mechanics.

Anyway, back to Relics Reinforcements 2. There's a competition to win back 50% of your pledge if you're interested in backing the project, details are here:

Sunday, 1 December 2013


The SYDD Mordheim campaign is kicking off in January, but instead of writing it like I should be I decided to resurrect on old project... the Modular terrain board.

Long term readers may be able to cast their minds back to when this project started, but for new readers (and those with failing faculties) here's the link.

So after months of languishing on the rack, the boards are actually approaching something like playable and its all down to the relocation of the man cave as I can leave things out!

Here's some pics of what I've been up to:

Monday, 18 November 2013

Bones II Kickstarter

Right, I know it's kind of late but I thought I'd do an update.

- They made over $3,000,000.

- $200+ of that I contributed, about £135 including postage.

- Pledges have to be locked in by end of December.

- I will be flogging some of these models, Kieron's already laid first refusal claim on 3-4 of the Pulp Action: Chronoscope figures.

So, if there's anything you fancy from the purple section, leave a message in the comments section and I'll say yay or nay.  I might be able to up my pledge if there's something we both want but I don't want to get hit by import tax (£135) Max reached thanks.

Here's what I'm getting for my dosh:

Core 30 - $60

Heroes 1 - $8

Dungeon Monsters - $7

Gnolls and Bugbears - $9

Shambling Dead - $10

Dungeon Decor - $6

Beast Mode - $7

Bully for You - $10

Lesser Demons - $10

Sylvan Creatures - $8

Swamp Things - $8

Dragon Hatchlings - $10

Under the Sea - $10

Pathfinder Heroes - $8

Pathfinder Heroes II - $8

Savage Worlds - $10

Pulp Action: Chronoscope - $10

Trollslayer Sophie - $2

Burrowing Horror - $4

Barbarians - $3

Basilisk - $2

Bag o' Bases Small, Medium and Large - $10 each

And of course Mr Bones! - $1 
I've ordered a second one of these as I'm going to have them over a gatehouse.

On top of the core set I've gone for:

Dan and Paul availed themselves of my offer and are have one each of these:

Sunday, 17 November 2013

New man cave and blatant commercialism

Hi guys,

Long time, no speak.  Never mind I'm here now.

Well what I have been doing?  Mainly the moving missus' stuff out of the study and converting it into a smaller (but warmer) man cave and doing the conversion work on a couple of Christmas presents.

Obviously, this being pre-Xmas I can't show you the pressies in case the recipients see them but here's a WIP of the man cave.

Now for the commercialism. Daft as it sounds I have less space even though the desk is bigger so I'm going to be getting rid of some of the models that have been sat staring at me awaiting a lick of paint that's never going to happen.

I'll be posting all of these up on, so I'll edit with the links once they're up.

First up is a metal Lord of Change, I'm looking for around £25 ono.

Next up is the classic Scyla Anfingrimm. Offers around £8

Even more classic Archaon, The Everchosen  £10

Here's the first of some 40k stuff, the rest needs a serious sort out...

Tyranid Biovore (metal) £10

Tyranid Tyrant Guard (metal) £10 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Loki reaches 200...

... followers!  What? Did you think I was going to say years?  I know I have a twisted sense of humour, but I also have a well honed sense of self-preservation! ;-)

Anyways, you have until the 6pm on 5th November 2013 to follow him and comment on the post linked below.  Up for grabs is a very nice Scottish warlord, but I'm not going to provide a pic, if you want to see it click and look for yourself!