Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Yeah, you know that 3 colour and base thing?

Turns out I got yet another bug and clocked up another sick day, so instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself, I decided to break out the brushes and go old skool on the Deff Koptas.  They're a bit late for marking (apparently) but here's a few pics:

Anyway, it appears the camera's let me down again so next months target will be to build a light box. Lol

Hmm, actually targets for next month will probably not involve much painting at all as the School Club are really getting into my amended Mordheim rules so I need to build some more warbands quickly.

Targets for Feb will be to build:  Dwarf Warband, Undead Warband, Orc and Goblin Warband.

Bonuses will be getting any paint on them...

Monday, 30 January 2012

Cutting it fine...

But the Deffkoptas are three coloured and based. In need of some washes and highlights, but hopefully get chance to do them tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Task 1 - Complete!

For your judgement sirs, I present Ichibo Lox.

Unfortunately I won't have chance to field them this month as the fortnightly schedule has been resumed, but expect a fair number of match reports in February. (And some better pics when I can get to my painting table again)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Ichibo Lox part 2.

Starting lineup has been based and basecoated! Just got the skulls and shoulder pads to do.

Ichibo Lox

Well after wednesday night's debacle with the Contacta clear (thanks revell for producing a sub par product that doesn't stick plastic) the team are built!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hi honey, I'm home!

Well, its a new year so lets get the ball rolling again...

Targets for this month are:  5 Deffkoptas and build/paint a pink Lizardmen BB team.

Don't have a great deal of time this month due to 5 birthdays, primarily Lou's mum and mine (This soon after Christmas?  Some people are sooo selfish!) so standard of painting is liable to be lousy, but what the hell ;-)

And that's something that will continue.  Last year I set myself ridiculous targets (not just on here I'll add) and nearly broke myself trying to accomplish them, so now I'm back on the sanity pills.  This year I'm going for 3 colours and based plus bonus features if time permits.