Saturday, 31 March 2012

Well, you'll have to wait for the match report...

...because I've been drooling over the new Karl Franz on Deathclaw model.

Dammit GW I'm supposed to be easing back on this habit cos I've got too much to paint and priorities in real life to fund!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Do GW charge too much?

I had a little chortle when I saw this, my favourite part was the free army case!

Now who's going to cough up the cash so I can get some new paints?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Ichibo lox vs just ain't cricket

Turn 2- kroxigor is ko'd and a saurus has been badly hurt.

Turn 4- Touchdown! number 11 lixhol makes an easy dodge and runs in the ball.  Kroqilua returns to the sub bench looked severely pissed off. Kick off to will and I get blitz!

Turn 5- Touchdown! The blitz let me get in range and I managed to complete an accurate pass for a one turn touchdown.

Turn 8- Touchdown! Mazdahex successfully picks up the ball and manages a double gfi to score!

Second half and after a scuffle in the middle, Will gets close to scoring in turn 3 but I manage to get two skinks on the goblin and push him back to the sideline with a gfi blitz. Adding two more skinks gives the goblin little choice but to risk the dodges. He fails the first and the ball bounces into the waiting hands of a skink.

Turn 3 and a hand-off, pass action gives me opportunity to score again, but I stand on the touch line to give the kroxigor chance to earn his desperately needed 2spp but he fluffs it.

Turn 4 and it's Touchdown! 4-0 to Ichibo Lox.

As we're setting up for Turn 5, I advise Will to drop the troll flings goblin for TD strategy and try something more traditional. It works and Will manages to make a gap then fails to exploit it as he fumbles the hand off.

With the ball on the floor but most of my skinks either to far forward or in tackle zones I risk a blitz with the kroxigor, guaranteed because I've actually asked him to do something he gets bone head, risking the re-roll on a loner, I roll a four and a 3 so its a two dice block against a black orc.  The Kroxigor hits him for a double defender down, then rolls a double 6 for armour penetration and a 5...3 even with mighty blow it's only enough to KO him.

Will's turn 7 and the desperation is kicking in. A blitzer manages to pick up the ball and gfi twice to get himself 10 squares away from the closest free skink, he then places two models to create tackle zones. My turn 7 and the Kroxigor passes it's bonehead roll and moves to intercept the obstructing orcs, the saurus with him be does a quick square count and to go around the tackle zones is eight squares, not enough to pull of the blitz but enough to force a dodge. Both gfi rolls are successful and the trap is set, unfortunately I was unable to capitalise as the skink I was moving to assist fails its first gfi roll and ends up knocking himself out.

Turn 8- Will just needs a 3+ to grab a consolation TD, the die rolls a 1, and barring my foolish attempt to pick up the ball with a saurus, its all over.

Not painting models because...

I'm starting work on the modular mordheim board. Bought the foam from Wickes and borrowed the lethal looking mitre saw off my dad, there's a load of laminate behind one of the cupboards in the garage and I bought some cobbled road sections and a bridge at Vapnartak so I've got everything I need.

Buildings are going to slot into holes, so each building can face in 4 directions in each hole and will fit in any hole on any section

Begging for Sports Relief

Just completed the Sports Relief Mile and didn't die! (Quite an accomplishment for a fat bastard)

Just need to raise a minimum of £5 in sponsorship now...  any contributions?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sometimes getting there early just isn't worth it...

Da Proppers concluded their season and probably their careers by losing once again, this time to Battenburg Rising.

I'd gotten to the club early in the hopes of fitting in two games and possibly edging Ichibo Lox into the playoffs and Dan and I quickly got set up.  With a TV 350,000 adrift I was able to hire a merc blitzer to fill in for the deceased E.Runzanall, an extra team training and two bloodweiser babes.

Battenburg Rising won the fame but Da Proppers won the dice off and opted to receive first,  Dan set up and I lined up with a pretty much pre-formed cage on the left of the touchline that would be safe for at least a turn, then came the Kick-off table and Dan rolls Perfect Defence and re-arranges to shaft my plans.  My initial turn sees a couple of zombies stunned and I suddenly remember I'm supposed to be being nasty and willing models into the Dead/Injured box.

Dan takes his turn and one dice blocks a Blitzer towards the sideline and then hits the poor bastard again with a Frenzied Werewolf knocking him into the crowd.  Fortunately it's only a stunned result, so he heads to the reserve box.  My turn and I manage a pushback to create an opening, through which charge E. Frowsitt and the merc Blitzer.  Stupidly I think E.Frowsitt will be safe with this as he's str 4 and Dan needs to get an assist just to get a one dice block.  He moves a werewolf to provide the assist and a Wight to cancel out my assist from the Blitzer, then declares a Blitz with a Ghoul on E.Frowsitt and it's now that I realise I wasn't as safe as I thought.  Ghoul's str3 +1 for the werewolf assist and...+1 from the Wight with Guard means Dan gets a two dice block against me, E.Frowsitt hits the deck and the ball bounces into the hands of the Wight. Dan passes the ball to a Ghoul and heads for the touchline, setting up a loose cage as he does so. Try as I might I can't break free and Dan time-wastes until running the ball in.  End of the first half and it's 0-1.

Second half starts equally bad, Dan manages a hand-off to his Ag 2 Werewolf then Dodges out of a tackle zone with the chuff before speeding down the right flank.  Only E.Frowsitt is in any position to challenge him and pulls off the double Go for it to hit the Werewolf with a two dice block, double pushback! Re-roll, Pushback/Skull.  Shit! Move up anyway to make him have to Dodge and set blocks up everywhere else so he can't get support through.  Dan's turn and he goes straight for the Dodge out.  Didn't even need to use the Dodge re-roll as he rolls a 5 and runs in TD2.

Okay, so Dan rolls Perfect Defence again and once again my drive is interrupted, it ain't long until I lose the ball again.  The Ag3 werewolf manages to Dodge through the still standing Orcs and receives a beautiful pass from a Wight who easily scoops up the ball.

Things are getting desperate (You can tell because I forget to take more photos), I blitz the Werewolf and put him on the floor but the ball bounces away from me and I can only get close enough to put a tackle-zone onto it then throw a few more models in to support. Dan starts a game of push penny with my Orcs but E.Frowsittanall manages to stay on his feet. My turn and E.Frowsittanall is stood next to the ball, unfortunately so are a Werewolf and a Zombie, Screw it thinks I and so attempt a pass action.  I only need a 5 to Dodge into 2 tackle zones and a 5 to pick up the ball, then a 4 to dodge out to an empty square.  In a completely unexpected but typical piece of luck from me I get all of them, a 6, 5, 5 and run up field to attempt a long bomb.  By this point I wasn't expect to get a completion, but just so long as I didn't fumble it the ball was going deep into Dan's half.  No fumble and the ball scatters within 4 squares of the touchline.  Much as he tries Dan can only get one Wight free to get a tacklezone on my Blitzer, it could be enough though.

My penultimate turn and the Dodge is weighing on my mind so I risk a double GFI to get a second Blitzer onto the Wight then declare a Blitz.  It's a double pushback but as I don't follow up I can scoop up the ball as I flee toward the touchline, successfully picked up the ball on a 6 and then dread kicks in as the TD needs a GFI.  Pick up the dice, roll it and it's a two!  I've scored!

A pitch invasion stuns half the field and I don't bother making any rolls as the best I can manage is a one dicer.

Final Score  Battenburg Rising 2 - Da Proppers 1   Casualties 0-0

By the time we had finished Jon and Will were playing each other and I couldn't get another game so actually managed to get home before midnight!

Oh, the plan to will my opponent's models into the dead/injured box kind of came unstuck.  a) I was enjoying myself too much, b) Dan's too nice an opponent and c) every time I put one of Dan's models in the KO or reserves box, he did the same to me!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bloodbowl fever.

My online tournament for Bloodbowl legendary edition is about to commence, if anyone else is interested in joining please let me know asap.

More musings on dice rolls...

Something strange happened on Wednesday, I rolled a profusion of 6's.  I understand that its all random chance but I got to pondering once again.

I'm a pacifist at heart, which means getting to play a pacifist character in a rpg makes a pleasant change and I normally feel vindicated when my poor dice rolling reflects the violent situations my characters are forced to participate in.

Kieron will probably disagree as once again one of my characters proved to be a badass when it mattered, but the point is throughout Matt's campaign I've been forced to defend myself with lethal weapon after lethal weapon, in complete contrast to the character's basic beliefs.  That was until the final chapter, stripped of our weapons we entered a CIA base and were about to be on the receiving end of a severe beating from several guards armed with batons and tazers when the lights went out.

Kieron took one out with a projectile telephone before succombing to a tazer hit, Wayne another with a screwdriver in the ribs and I tried to smother one in a lab coat by leaping over the table.  I failed, and failed once more when I tried again, but then I fell on the body of the guard that Kieron had rung.  Picking up the tazer I took down the Guard and started the ridiculous procession of 6's.  Armed with tazers, my combat unready character took down several guards (only for Kieron to slot them as he strolled past) before finishing the game with an elaborate flip over a barricade to tazer the big bad she-bitch.

It was, all in all, a novel experience but got me thinking if this was a reason I notice poor dice rolls more.

Take my recent games of Bloodbowl, I've not caused an injury in two games despite beating the armour value at least a quarter of the time, my opponent has had several stunned players and the occasional KO but the elusive SPP's are tantalisingly out of reach and I can't help but think that it's my feeling that are biasing the dice.  So I'm going to try an experiment on Thursday, I'm going to will each and every opposing model into that dead or injured box, maliciously and without mercy and I'm going to see if that makes a difference.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I suppose I ought to post the other results...

A couple of half finished games on the 23rd Feb saw a pummelling for Da Proppers and a draw for being a nice guy.  So to the details;

Slaanesh 69'ers 2-0 Da Proppers (5-1 to the 69'ers on casualties with Pound the Minotaur inflicting 4 of those!), please don't make me recall the pain.  One skilled blitzer dead and a couple more missing the next game mean that Da Proppers TV for their next game is a measly 1,100,000, for a pro team!  As much fun as they've been, Da Proppers are getting retired after this season. ;-(

Concluding my second half finished game of the evening, Ichibo Lox played Ostermark Marvels to yet another draw.

TD: Ichibo Lox 2 - Ostermark Marvels 2
Cas: Ichibo Lox 0 - Ostermark Marvels 1

First half was pretty basic, the skinks running a simple ball in on turn 4.  Dan threw a hell of a lot of dice, pretty much like me last year, risking one dice and two dice against me.  Unlike me he had more successes than failures and managed to punch a hole through the centre to and ran in an equaliser.  A fumbled pass in turn 8 buggered up my chances of taking a 2-1 lead into the second half.  

Speaking of which, the skinks skipped the ball into Dan's half and set up a loose cage early in the second half but being nice again I only time-wasted a little, leaving Dan three turns to score an equaliser. Big mistake as he put one of my Saurus out of the next game from a one dice block, then I compounded the mistake by advising him to Hand off the ball to his thrower instead of trying to Dodge out, he was successful and Long Passed the ball well into my half. Two skinks tried to stop this push but only managed a double pushback. Number 9 went down in Dan's turn 15 allowing the ball carrier to get with two squares of the touchline, but was able to Jump Up in my turn and Dodge out to complete a two dice blitz. Double Pushback again. Didn't follow up and moved one square to make sure he had to Dodge to get the TD. Dan's was shaking as he picked up the dice, 3+ and it would be a draw, 1 or 2 and it would be all over. He rolled a 5.  

Good game although I was annoyed not to cause a single casualty as I counted 6 stunned results in the second half alone!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Slightly out of order, but I've already typed this once...

Date game played: 1st March
Winning team name: Ichibo Lox
Winning team TDs: 4
Winning team casualties: 0
Losing team name: Bill's Slann
Losing team TDs: 3
Losing team casualties: 1

In a game that would have been better entitled "Hey, what's the probability of that?" Bill took an early lead after a first turn riot and showed me how slippery the Slann can be by scoring in turn 3.

After a failed "go for it" produced the first re-rolled double 1 of the game and stopped me from capitalising on the Quick Snap I got the opportunity to repay the favour by completing a pass into the end zone in turn 4.

Bill positioned his Catchers brilliantly for a hand-off, Short Pass completion to slip another in on Turn 6, despite causing a turnover in Turn 5 by re-rolling double 1 to dodge.

In Turn 8 I failed to capitalise and threw away the equaliser by not throwing a block at the only Slann with a tackle zone on my ball-carrier and tried to Dodge out instead, all because I stupidly thought the Saurus didn't have block and didn't want to risk a turnover. Another double 1 failed re-roll to dodge ended that idea!

Second half and Ichibo Lox receive, break an opening though the centre and score the equaliser in turn 11.

Bill's turn 11 sees my kick off scatter into the end zone then bounce to land just outside the and next to the side line, Bill sets up a wide cage but doesn't attempt to pick up the ball.  Turn 12 sees Ichibo Lox get within striking distance of the ball and endzone and hammer a couple of Slann to the floor but only stun them.  Bill attempts to pick up the ball and knocks it into the crowd, the throw-in lands it back next to the catcher who failed to pick it up.  A one dice block from a skink pushes a Slann back and Saurus No.5 is freed up to blitz with a Go for it... Passed on a 2 and the subsequent 2 dice block flattens the Catcher,  a dodge out from skink no. 10 frees him to pick up the ball and run it in for 3-2.

Bill's turns 13-14 are a lesson on how the Slann work if the dice are with them and a failed interception gave the Slann the equaliser.

My last push and I have two skinks within striking distance and they're both marked.  A blitz by No.6 frees up the first and he's handed the ball after a dodge and Go for It by no.13 but the team re-roll is burnt in the process. Then came the dangerous bit.  Number 9 steps into one tackle zone and risks dodging into into two, not that its a problem because he's stunty.  The dice rolls and while it's still spinning Bill says he's got diving tackle,  the 3 I was looking for appears but it's no longer enough.  I'm committed now so with trepidation I pick up the dice for the re-roll and let it drop, it bounces once, twice, three times and ends up on a 5, it's enough!  No.9 dodges again and easily breaks free to run the ball in for his second TD.  Bill set up for his last turn and managed a completion before the game ended.

The number of turnovers that were caused by failed double 1 re-rolls was ridiculous (I think I counted 5 and a failure on a double 2), but I lucked out with the kick-off table in the second half earning 3 bonus re-rolls from two cheering fans and a brilliant coaching and actually finished the game with one unused.  I've got to admit the game would have been stressful if we hadn't played it so relaxed, instead it was just very enjoyable.

Cheers Bill!

P.s as a bonus you can even have a crappy phone pic of the start of the second half:

Thursday, 1 March 2012

February Review and Targets for March

Well, Feb sucked and I can only apologise for achieving both Naff and All.

I managed to glue together some dwarfs but that was about it, this month has been more about playing games than making more models.

Targets for March:  I don't have any definite goals and I think that's the issue, so I'm going to continue in my efforts to build more Mordheim bands and update the paint jobs on existing ones.  Really just need some motivation and some sleep (teething babies are always fun...)