Saturday, 23 February 2013

Where the bloody hell did February go?

Yeah, so it's nearly the end of February and I've painted sod all really, the Terminators are base-coated but that's about all.

The Contemptor is proving a tad more difficult, but I shall persevere.  Colin said he would like the arms magnetised so he could swap and change them, well I've not got to the arms yet but...

No disassemble stephanie!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Updating the Relics Quick play cards...

Here are the first six based on the ver 1.0 rules and inspired by Deathjester's efforts, what do you think?

All images, artwork and rules remain the copyright of Tor Gaming 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pics for Feb targets

Okay, here's this month's targets:

Relics first, not exactly as stated originally as I wanted to paint the Dedicatus...

Next up the Dark Angels Terminators, surprisingly little to clean up on these despite being GW...

and finally the Contemptor...

Friday, 8 February 2013

Jumping on the bandwagon...

... so if you haven't heard by now, GW Legal have started on a new target group for their bullying.

Adeptus Astartes I can understand but "Space Marine"?  They're taking the piss and if I had the money I'd be making the application to remove GW's trademark of that term, a mere £200 gets the ball rolling but hey. Sent an email in support anyway:

Dear Games Workshop,
To say I was upset when I read about the action your legal team has taken against MCA Hogarth in relation to her Spots the Space Marine title would be a massive understatement. Once again your legal team has managed to embarrass you with a poorly considered action with little or no merit.
For ten years I have run a Tactical Wargames Club at my school, we were one of the first to support and actively promote the schools league at its inception, but decisions by your company's legal team in recent years have had me questioning my ethical stance and now it has come to a head.
I cannot, in all good faith, continue to support a company that actively participates in bullying. I cannot support a company that silences creative writing. I cannot support a company that will destroy the fundamental literary works that its own creative works were based on if it continues on this path.
GW owns the IP of specific group of genetically engineered Space Marines not the term "Space Marine". Until someone at your company reins in the errant legal team I will not be supporting your company and will actively work with other companies that actually care about their IP enough protect it passively.
As a result, until further notice all GW products will be removed from our gaming club, we will NOT be participating in the Schools League and I will be actively encouraging my club members to boycott the new Rotherham store.
For many years you were a big company in a little pond, but the pond is getting larger and it is obvious and saddening to everyone that has supported your company over the decades that it is on the decline. You don't need, and really can't afford, to continue this absurd secular mentality for too much longer.
Please change, before it is too late.
Yours hopefully,
Richard Thompson (Learning Support)
Clifton Tactical Wargaming Co-ordinator

In other news, Gav's losing backers on the Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter project. Although some people have apologised, it looks like he's been stung by some of the fake pledge muppets who appear to populate Kickstarter.  If you fancy some cool looking mini's, even just to paint up, click the link to take a look:  Relics reinforcements! There's some damn fine artwork being produced at the moment, that alone is worth a look.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Painting targets for February 2013... to follow, but here's the list:

Relics (100pts)
2x Auxilium Concursus (22pts)
4x Auxilium Sagittarius (44pts)
3x Paentitentium (24pts)
Detail work on other three Paenitentium and original Pueri.

Deathwing Terminator squad

Build and prime Contemptor Dreadnought.

Monday, 4 February 2013

No pics again, I forgot to take the camera...

...and I finished third from bottom in the 40k Tournament, although as Jimbo pointed out on the way home, the scoring system isn't a real reflection on the games. On top of that I was enjoying myself immensely playing against like-minded people who weren't playing WAAC so c'est la vie.

Game one - Relic - Hammer and Anvil vs Louis Kneeshaw and his Chaos Space Marines. 
Playing lengthways against Helldrakes and independent Oblitorators? Yep there was only one way this game was going to go and I finished it with only my Master of the forge remaining.

Game two - Crusade - Dawn of War vs Nick Attwooll and his Eldar. 
I dropped straight down to table six after the first game but therefore benefited from the only urban board where I could bolster defences and improve the cover saves. Despite losing my MoF to Bright Lances in the second turn, I played well and held both objectives when lunch was called at the end of turn five. Unfortunately for my standing, we were having too much fun and so agreed to continue playing into lunch. By the end of turn six both objectives were contested and the scout units holding them involved in combat, by the end of turn seven both scout units were dead and with the Exarch passing a Look out Sir to bounce a wound onto the Farseer it was Good night Vienna.

Game three - Big Guns never tire - Silly diagonal deployment vs Fred Ayres -Tau. 
My only win though we should have entitled it "big guns never do owt" as, despite a plethora of multimeltas, conversion beams, rail guns and rail cannons, all the damage was caused by weapons at S6 or less! 
Case in point; Dreadnought drop pods behind the Hammerhead and fails to hit with its Multimelta from 2" away, Hammerhead pivots and misses with its Rail cannon, Dread walks around to side of the HH misses again so charges in and tears off the Rail Cannon, HH flys behind dread and shoots with one burst cannon, scores one hit, rolls a 6 for Pen followed by a 6 and the dread explodes. Meanwhile, the Ironclad armed with S5 H.flamers went on a massive killing spree clocking up 20 Tau fire warriors and two Shas'O in Battlesuits with shield drones, which probably accounts for his behaviour in game 4.  I was actually so impressed with the Tau I might have to finish the army off.

Game four - Purge the Alien - Dawn of War vs Vincent Owen,Imperial guard. 
Everyone says you can't blame the dice but Vince was added to my growing list of witnesses to the contrary. Everything was pretty even up to my turn 4, then it happened... the shooting phase from hell. 
Here's the breakdown: 
Dreadnought H.Flamer & Multimelta at 4" against AV10 = no damage. 
Ironclad - two H.Flamers and two hunter kiler missiles from 2" into AV10 = No damage. 
MoF - Conversion beam S10 AP1 vs AV13 =  No damage... Starting to get desperate now... 
6 sniper rifles and a Krak into AV12 - no damage. Last chance... 
Thunderfire cannon S6 against AV10... three hits! Treble 1 for AP... 

Only damage I caused that turn was to assault the Punisher with the Dread and kill it with two glancing and a Penetrating hit.  Not a major feat as it was already immobilised by the now dead Landspeeder and autohits at strength 10 are now glancing on a 1...

In his turn 5, Vince Lascannon'd the MoF, scored a single Pen on the Ironclad that rolled a 6, weapon destroyed the flamer/dreadnought fist of the other dread and flamed + spotlight the 2+ cover scouts, I lost three out of 5 inc the missile launcher.

I never recovered from that and ended up losing 8-6 on game VP.

On the plus side, I picked a complete copy of first edition Descent with the campaign expansion for a very good price, though I can't see me playing the main game often enough to warrant the campaign set so I think it might be getting a visit to eBay to recuperate some losses.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tourney on Sunday, still need to paint...

...the second Dreadnought.  Yup everything else is ready, not amazing but presentable as I'm finding it very difficult to be inspired to paint my 40k stuff.

Hopefully painting next month's targets of the Terminators and the Contemptor Dread for other people will fire my imagination but at the moment I'm doubtful...  6th Ed is a beautiful concept of a game, but it seems to be suffering from too many cooks syndrome.  Beasts of War have posted a video about Cheese-mongering the Allies rules and I'm actually happy with all their interpretations as it brings even more narrative into the game. Here's the video if you're interested:

Got to admit I know the main reason that he's right... because he's Batman!

So, with my lack of enthusiasm for 40K, how did my list hold up in yesterdays test game?  Pretty damn well!  I won due to lots of heavy flamers and a scouts with Camo cloaks in a fortified ruin!

My favourite part of the evening had to be when dear old Jimbo claimed he had inspired my list, yeah cause he was there when I came up with the idea of a dreadnought army at GW's Meadowhall Battlebunker nearly a decade ago...

So to Sunday and York... bring on the mid-table mediocrity!