Sunday, 26 May 2013

Diary of a depressionist

Warning! Non gaming related post!

So I had another manic episode this week, here are the reasons:

It's half term, but I have to come back from a family holiday to do my second job. That's not an issue, my boss is good and as long as I'm in before 10:30 and all the orders are complete I'm pretty much free to set my own hours. So, I thought I'd keep the holiday mood going, catch the bus and enjoy a few pints.

Fly in the ointment 1:  Rpg week - forgot but no biggy, I'd just need to moderate my enebriation.

Fly 2: Ran out of time on Thursday to drop Gav's demo stuff off.

Then came Friday and these events somehow conspired to plunge me into a despair deep enough to have me curled in a ball on the bedroom floor.

First up, alarm company rang to say they needed to do some maintenance work so could I be at warehouse for 9am?

Second, Gav forgot I was coming and left early to sort something out, so I had a wasted trip into Sheffield. Couldn't get hold of Gav because he'd left his phone at home.

Thirdly, after spending the day in text conversation with Mark regarding what I should do to lose weight whilst I'm unable to exercise (knee's playing up again) upshot being diet fatty. My sister turns up and wants to order curry for tea, I say no and cook myself a vegetable omelette.

Lastly, my youngest decided to start the terrible two's a couple of weeks early and flew into a rage when I tried to take her to bed, screaming "Don't want Daddy! Go away! Mummy sit there"

Pretty fucking ridiculous isn't it? A bit extreme for not getting to do what I wanted to do.

Actually it's not, insignificant stuff like this is what fuck's up most depressives.

All our energy goes into the big stuff, so the trivial sort of trips us up.  Additionally, the best way to get off the meds is to create structures in your life, this however is a two edged sword as events that disrupt plans are difficult to cope with.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. I woke up Saturday morning feeling fine and managed to get my list of jobs completed before my daughter's birthday party started , . 

Hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend, we humbly apologise for not having as many parties as we used to and that this has had a negative effect on the overall weather. (Fact - in 13 years of hosting parties we have only once had to head inside to avoid a shower and the vast majority have had glorious sunshine)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

What are GW up to now?

In the space of two days I've been informed of the following:

1.  Games Workshop will no longer support their Specialist Games range and will actively phase the rule sets from the website as the ranges sell out.

2.  The NAF have not had their dice licence renewed and cannot produce further colours of the block dice.

So, let the speculation begin...

My fervent hope is that Jervis finally being given the push and is taking the licences for the range as recompense.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I needed something to run relics on... I blew most of my school club budget and got this from gifts for geeks

Monday, 20 May 2013

Demo'ing at Triples part two.

So yesterday (Sunday) passed in a similar vein to Saturday, I ran four more demo's, chatted to several  more people and painted some models.  I also nearly got away with not spending anything, but figures in comfort were there so I bought some more pluck trays and after spending the weekend looking at it, I finally caved and bought the Bloodbowl Manager card game.

On the demo's front the chaps from Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (COGS) provided a little hilarity as  finally met someone with dice rolling that was on par with my own, if fact it could actually be worse.  On the charge with two Docga he managed one hit... not bad until you consider he was rolling two sets of five dice, allowed a re-roll of a single dice and still failed to get more than one double!  In contrast, his opponent was scoring hits on single dice rolls (2D6 ignoring double 1's and2's) and as a result the Troopers killed the Docga's in melee!

Well that's about it, here are the pics I managed to rescue, the rest are unfortunately corrupt so if anyone can point me in the direction of other people's photos that would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day one - Triples demo

Well day one is over, four demo's and several conversations.

A pretty good success me thinks. (Well, one demo was with Dan Haslam who kept me busy and people looking on for an hour. Thanks Dan)

I went with Britanan vs Orcnar and just used the models from the starter set, but laid out the other models that I had so people could see the range.  On top of Gav's demo stuff, I brought the clockwork oranges (Nuem) and my unfinished Vaettir.

Plenty of people were taking photos so I hope to be able to provide links soon. (I brought my camera but spent my down time painting). Speaking of cameras, I tried (and failed) to help out one chap with a Samsung Galaxy Y as his phone wouldn't autofocus. Attached are two pics taken from my Galaxy Ace in the same position. Bloody daft that it doesn't work if they're supposed to be running the same software.

If you're down tomorrow, come and see me and maybe try a game. (Kelly wouldn't be drawn, something about Malefaux... but I'll collar him at SYDD, inspire JP and that'll be another system bring played...)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Got my name in print again ;)

Just a quick one as it bring a smile to my face 

- Pdf of Relics v1.2 is available for download and I have my name in print as a play-tester.  Its very pretty and worth a browse.

In case you forgot, the first time I got my name in print was on the Unbridled Fury book.

I'm sooooo proud of myself... Lol

Tor Gaming's Relics at Triples

Quick heads up that I will be running demo's of Relics at Triples this weekend.

I'm getting quite heavily involved with Tor Gaming on a voluntary basis (though cash-flow prevented me from getting to the Expo) and I'm giving up my weekend to bring this system to you, I think it's got something different to offer and I'd like to show you what.

I will be working on the Wargames Emporium stand and will be recognisable as the goatee'd chap who isn't John or Eric. ;)

(I was going to post a pic of where we'll be, but is currently not loading.)

Anyway, the event is at the English Institute of Sport, doors open at 10am and I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

First off the list...

... I'm going to discuss clubs.  In particular, Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers and South Yorkshire Dice Devils and my history with them and what I consider to be the Pro's and Con's.

First off, I've been a member of Sheffield and Rotherham Wargamers for about seven years now and have seen the club membership fluctuate massively, in the main due to the venues although there have been some personal issues as well.

The club has moved several times during my attendance, I joined when we met at Wargames Emporium held a gaming venue at Meadowhall, then we moved to Darnall Liberal and Social Club and were nearly decimated when the club shut without warning with our property locked within.

A hectic Sunday roll call got us enough people and cars to transport the boards and boxes when they were liberated to a new venue: Park Gardeners which was a good thing as the Darnall venue was torched a few weeks later.  Things were good at Park Gardeners and the venue was bigger so the same crew that liberated  the club boards and property met on a Saturday and painted some more boards and attendance went up.  I briefly entertained a stint on the council but stepped down as I was getting a lot of flack for implementing membership forms, particularly from people who refused to come to the club given its current venue. Then the management of the club changed and we were faced with intermittent closures, on top of this a mistake on the forum where an intended personal PM was posted as a thread and blown out of all proportion and as a result the club split.

The new venue, Farm Road Social Club is smaller than Park Gardener but the room has been pretty much given over to the club so gaming is guaranteed every week, in weeks where the main room is in use we have been given use of the pool room which is smaller but fine for running games on 4'x4' boards.

Address: Farm Road Social Club, Farm Road

Subs: £2   (Was £1.50 for students, but not sure of outcome of AGM)

- Cheap beer! (£2.15 for a pint of bitter shandy)
- Good quality and range of scenery as should be expected of an established club
- Plenty of painted boards
- Massive range of systems played
- Good location with to tram, train and bus all within ten minutes walk
- There's a website!
- McD's are on the corner!
- Large car park

- It's a half hour trek from Rotherham if traffic is good.
- The room looks crowded very quickly. It comfortably holds nine 6'x4' boards and three 4'x4' boards but the central area isn't always cleared so its difficult to get to the back of the room if you arrive late and this can put people off as they presume there's no room.
- You must be a member of the Farm Road Social Club to be on site.  Membership is £10 for the first year and £5 per consecutive year after that.  Failing to renew annually means you must rejoin at £10
- The forum is not for the easily offended, threads are regularly hijacked and general abuse is rife.  If you don't mind that, apply for a user account at you'll get approval very quickly, don't presume because you can't see anything that its a closed forum.

Now South Yorkshire Dice Devils.  The club's been running for a few months now, but has only recently moved to Thursday nights which does put it in competition with SR.  It's evident its a fledgling club, but there's enough boards to make eight 4'x'4 and enough scenery to populate them.  Rob who runs it is determined to make the club a success and is ploughing as much of the subs back into the club, additionally a number of the new members have their own scenery (me included) so we can bring down what we need in the interim. The venue is a decent size, closer to Darnall than Farm Road with space for, i guess, approx fifteen 6'x4' boards, although its not got the back up room like SR.  Not much else I can say really, onto the Pro's and Con's.

Venue:  Cross Street Bramley Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 2SA

Subs: £2

- Cheaper beer! (£1.75 for a pint of bitter shandy)
- Regular buses direct from Rotherham Central Here's the bus timetable
- There's a Facebook page!
- Active members of the GCN
- Already planning weekend events!
- I can be gaming within 10 minutes of leaving the house!
- I can game every week as I can set off once the girls are in bed
- I get to game against people I've not played against for a long while!
- Right next door to Junction 1 of the M18
- Lots of good takeaways in stone throw's distance

- New club so limited boards and scenery (Temporary Con)
- Transport options are limited to Bus or Car
- Can't take food in :(
- Car park is quite small but on street parking is available

Monday, 13 May 2013

Blue-arsed fly syndrome!

This must be real, it has to be, otherwise I have no other explanation to why I never seem to have time to blog!

Anyway, hello once more.  It has been 29 days since my last confession, there is a it to talk about so I'll be bunging  up some separate posts pertaining to:

Relics:  Painting, Playtesting and preparing for Triples

Bloodbowl:  On the board, on the PC and Bloodbowl Manager

WFB:  The farce against Jim

Star Wars: X-wing

Clubs:  SR Wargamers vs SYDD

On top of the hobby stuff, we've moved warehouses at my second job, are planning birthday parties for our daughters 6th and 2nd birthdays respectively and I've started the Insanity fitness program in an effort to shed some of my 21st 6lb bulk...

Actually, I'm going to end this post on a non-gaming front and talk about Insanity.

First off, it isn't for the weak-minded but it can be for the unfit if you're able to suitably modify it.  For example, I suck at press-ups due to my weight, ten is about my limit and some of the exercises in Insanity focus on Suicides - i.e. down into a plank position, 4 press ups, knees to chest, jump up, back down into the plank, rinse and repeat.  To compensate, I do the press ups with my knees on the floor.

Its not easy, but concentrating on form over reps and taking appropriate breaks is the key.

Am I sticking to it religiously?  No.  I'm 21st and that takes a lot out of you when you're doing Cardio, but I am doing my best and exercising pretty much daily so the road from zero to hero has begun, and yes I am 21st.  In two weeks I've lost 6lb and gained some aching joints, but I've also gained a sense of achievement and had a few completely depression free days!