Friday, 21 June 2013


New season has started at SYDD and is being run by my friend Mark.

In a change to standard formats Mark (with the assistance of Martyn) is implementing an tiered open league

Here's  a quick breakdown lifted from the forum:

Everyone starts with fresh teams. Games played at SYDD since BB was first introduced are fine to use still.

All teams will be put into divisions based on their Team Value (TV) as follows;
0 > 1290 = Conference Division
1300 > 1590 = Premier Division
1600+ = Champions Division

Teams will be promoted/relegated into the relevant divisions ever 4 games that they play. This may result in slightly higher value teams going up against lower values but this is only for a short time. Plus it only takes 1 death and a teams value sinks anyway.

You can only play against other teams in the same division as the team you wish to use.

You cannot use the same team to play against the same opponent 2 games in a row. And that is opponent not just team. This will stop people spamming games to get their TV up. Anyone caught spamming will be met with fines, players (on the pitch) getting suspended as well as other nasty ideas I have.

By popular demand Lizardmen will be able to field a Southlands team instead of the regular list. This is done simply by a Southlands team have NO access to Saurus Warriors at all, but having access to 0-2 Kroxigors. No further changes to the team roster need be made.

So far I've played the first half of two games.

Ichibo Lox are back with a brand new team after the old team members quit after they only played two games in their professional careers.  New team is 1 Krox, 6 Saurus, 5 skinks, 1 re-roll and a Fan Factor 2.
They are up against Jaegarmeister and Son's Bunny Babes (Human) so its a good job they're cold blooded! So far they've managed to KO 4 players and sneak a last minute TD at the end of the first half after neither team managed to take advantage of earlier opportunities (including Martyn fielding 12 players amidst accusations of his dad being a dirty player for pulling the same trick!)

Still 1-0 up and receiving at the start of the second half for the temporary loss of a skink isn't bad.

Second team are Halflings - The Stitchpunks!

One million buys a lot of Halflings! 14 Halflings, 2 Treemen, 5 re-rolls, FF 3, an Apothecary, a coach and a cheerleader!

These aren't mine, they are the official Tor Gaming pretty ones painted by Dan Twiss and Kate Evans and they do show off the team very well. Be prepared for something far more gaudy and including a second stitch golem from me!  If you want some of your own, here are the links for; the main team and the Stitch Golems

Anyway, getting away from whoring myself out and back to the subject at hand, the Stitchpunks are up against Mark's new Orc team (I'll amend once I know the name).  We received and scored a TD in turn 2 using the long halfling passing game. First guy landed safely in turn one but ended up eight spaces from the endzone, two GFI's got him within touching distance and forced Mark to make GFI's to get his two Throwers into contact and not push him over the line. Unfortunately he did and the halfling went down but the ball scattered free.  No.6 was thrown to capitalise on the loose ball and capitalise he did, safely landing next to the ball then stepping in to scoop it up and saunter over the line.

The rest of the half consisted of me dodging one space away from the orcs so I wouldn't get twatted and slowing down Mark's advance, jumping in with the occasional cheeky 2 dice against me blitz on the thrower and relying on the five re-rolls to save any disasters, until I ended up forcing Mark to TD during my turn 7. That threw a right spanner in the works as neither of us knew what should happen, despite being seasoned players. Apparently the scoring team has to move their marker on as if they had played their turn and play begins with the next turn. I also found out thrown Halflings make incredible, if inaccurate, weapons!

I think I have a new favourite team ;)

Well, at least until I get my second Kroxigor and a few more skinks built... Southlands list!!!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Think I ought to change the name to...

... Irregular Blogging or something similar.  I can only offer humble apologies gentle reader.

Anyway,  here's some pics:

First up, here are the Angilde from Tor Gaming's Orcnar range that I painted at Triples:

Remember that big black bag?  Well I cracked out the GW basing kit and applied it to the grey plastic, followed that with a liberal coating of Motorworld clear lacquer, finally I added a black wash.

The basing kit is actually amazing, I've only used about half of it over the six two foot squares so there's plenty left for other projects.

In the end I decided against breaking out the Dremel (two year old in the vicinity) and just poured additional brown paint into the pits. Unfortunately shrinkage of the brown undercoat is massive and by Sunday morning the skulls where visible again and still quite prominent in places so I decided to paint them black and go for a Tar pit effect, I think it works but you can be the judge.

Just the fine detail work left and its ready for a second lacquer coat tonight.