Friday, 27 September 2013

Third game of the BB open (Matt posted his appraisal ages ago but I forgot... oops)

It was a scrappy game and so long ago I can barely remember, but here are the pics and I'll try to annotate as I can.

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

YouTube Salamander Army Raffle for Help for Heroes

I don't really need to say anything here do I? I will though.
Tickets are £1.50 each and you can help out further by sending them stuff to paint or simply spread the word.
Awesome prize, awesome people!
Here's the link for the details:

Sunday, 1 September 2013

What? Where? Hmm?


Apparently school summer holidays now mean absolutely zero free time, oh well at least the house and garden are spick and span and ready for neglect throughout the new academic year. ;-)

First up something of interest for everyone; Tor Gaming are launching "MiniatureBids" a new auction site for your miniatures and spare bits, its a bit like eBay but without the fees... Yup, WITHOUT THE FEES!
Anyway, Carl over at has produced a better blog effort than I could so head over there for more details and keep your eyes out for these logos:

So fans what have I been up to hobby-wise?  Buying yet more metal and plastic and even a bit of cheaphammer conversion!

Given that it was my birthday and I got a surprise gift of 24 hours in York (Well recommended!) my purchasing budget was pretty limited so let's get down to the brass tacks. There was a minor but necessary breach of the GW embargo as they released the new Lizardmen rulebook, but all other purchases were strictly eBay and chance opportunities.

Lizardmen rulebook & High Magic cards

Metal Carnosaur £20.00
6 Jungle Swarm bases £12.00
14 Skinks + Brave + Priest £2.50
Kroxigor (for Bloodbowl) £6.80

Gifts for Geeks were amazing with the rulebook and magic cards, pre-ordered on the Thursday before release and got it the following Tuesday plus the total including postage was a smidge over £28, so that's the rulebook and magic cards delivered for less than the rulebook in a GW store!

Carnosaur is one of the original metals that I bought off a fellow gamer, probably paid over the odds but its still £30 cheaper than ridiculous hulk of plastic currently foisted by GW.

Swarm bases are not just a novel unit in the new edition but a damn necessity, all CC attacks made against an enemy in base contact with a Swarm count as being poisoned.  Nasty.  Just realised the auction was for 5 bases plus additional models, but there's clearly six there... hmm I might get eight bases out of that lot easily!

Bag of Skinks: all old style Skinks but seeing as the majority of my army is made up of these anyway that's perfect.  I only bid on this because I wanted the handlers and wasn't expecting to win it but got an old style Skink priest with the Steg Helm and another drummer in the bargain.  Was a little disappointed when the packet arrived as everything was jammed in a jiffy bag a couple of the bows were broken plus the seller sent a private message requesting an additional £1.10 for postage as it cost him £2.60 not the £1.50 stated in the auction. 

He won't be getting it.

Last of the purchases was another Kroxigor... for Bloodbowl.  Yup, strange as it may seem we are trialling a Southland BB team list which amounts to 0-2 Kroxigor and 1+ Skinks.  I'll let you know how they get on in coming months.

Onto the Cheaphammering - I needed a Bastiladon but I'm not fuelling the GW machine so it's time for milliput and foam sculpting!  Here's one of my old metal stegs suitably re-appropriated:


Finally, I got around to finishing up the magnetising of the Contemptor so he doesn't fall over.  I ended up gluing the right leg into the pelvis joint but the left still rotates to give good posing.  Suppose I really ought to get some paint on him before November and give him back to Colin.

Oh there was one other birthday present that has been duly installed on the connecting door:

Hopefully I will return anon, until then Happy Gaming!