Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kickstarters... again?

So I finally picked up my copy of Dungeon Roll from James.  It's a fun little dice game and for £11 including all the Kickstarter bonuses you'll not hear any complaints from me... other than the fact my six year old has beaten me twice!

The premise is very simple.  Choose a character card then roll 7 party dice to generate your party then head off into the dungeon to fight whatever awaits you. After completing each level you have the choice of calling it quits and buggering off to the tavern or pushing on. If you quit you gain Xp equal to the dungeon level but if you continue and are defeated then its no xp for you!  The winner is player with the most Xp at the end of three delves.

So how does the game work? 

All the dice are custom injection molded with coloured inserts. The party dice are white with the following inserts:
- crossed green swords representing a fighter
- a grey medallion for the cleric
- a dark purple wizard's hat for the wizard
- a light purple eye mask for the thief
- a yellow winged helmet for the champion
- a gold scroll

The dungeon dice are black with the following:
- a green goblin face
- a grey skeletal face
- a dark purple goo monster
- a light purple treasure chest
- a gold potion
- a red dragon head

The astute amongst you will realise some of those colours match up, which makes this next bit easier.  

Each time you start a new level your opponent rolls a number of dungeon dice equal to the current dungeon level and you have to spend members of your party to kill monsters, open chests or use potions. 
You place a character dice into the graveyard to kill a single monster, open a chest or use potions unless the monsters are the same colour as the character dice you use to kill them, e.g. the fighter will kill all the goblins, the cleric kills all the undead, the mage kills all the goo and the thief can open all the chests.

Scrolls force rerolls when spent and can be used to reroll any number of dice from either the party pool or the dungeon pool, 

Champions are just awesome and can be used as any other character to wipe out a monster type or open all the chests. 

Potions are a mixed bag as they resurrect party dice from the graveyard but cost you a party dice to use them. That said, you do get to choose the die face. (So far I've ignored potions unless two or more are rolled)

Treasure chests allow you to dip into the treasure chest box and pull out a token, this could be an additional character, a potion, a scroll, a town portal, a haunch of meat, a scale or a ring of invisibility. 

A haunch of meat, a scale or a ring of invisibility? 

Yup, here be dragons!  Not only do you have to compete against the monsters but lurking in the dungeon are dragons. Each time a dragon is rolled it is placed immediately into the lair, you do not get chance to reroll dragons. 

Once there are three or more dragons in the lair you have to fight them but only after you've defeated all the other monsters. Defeating the dragons is pretty simple, all you need is three characters of different types but will you have three different characters left after the combat?

Lastly we have the character cards which add a little more flavour to the game.  Each character has a basic attribute which is permanently active and a once per delve power up. In addition, once you've earned the requisite Xp your hero levels up and gains a more powerful version of the once per delve skill.
Like I said it's a fun little game and is available on Amazon for £14.99 although in the basic game you only get 
A custom d10
7 party dice
7 dungeon dice
8 character cards 
32 treasure tokens (might be 48)
16 double sided xp tokens

With only 11 hours to go I'm trying to ignore further updates from
Yes, I've succumbed and backed the latest Bones kickstarter for the whopping sum of $200+ but that's including postage.   So what am I getting for my money?

Below are the images from the kickstarter page and here's the link: